Andrew Hunter mortgage broker
Andrew Hunter
Dip Financial Services

Hi – my name is Andrew and as you can see from the wear and tear on my face I have weathered a few winters.

Before you get bored with the rambling below let’s cut to the chase – if you are looking for top level, professional mortgage advice you can call me direct  on 02 9037 4084.  I am a member of the Regional Finance Solutions Group with access to over 70 lenders. I  have over 18 years experience, a full member of MFAA and Dip Financial Services.

I came into the finance sector back in 2000 as an IT man and today I still keep my ‘geek’ hand in.   In order to understand the process and develop the most suitable IT system for Peach Home Loans, I became a mortgage broker.  Soon after head broker and soon after  General Manager for the Peach Financial Group.

Originally my intention was to develop an integrated mortgage broker management system but one of the early lessons that I learned was that while much of the  home loan process can be automated, there are simply too many individual variables for a computer system to really produce reliable product recommendations.  I am not saying that it can’t be done – I am just saying that I have tried and failed and I have yet to see any system that truly succeeds.

After all people don’t come in containers with strict tick box requirements.  People come with expectations and preferences – for example you may have $30,000 in deposit but prefer to keep $5,000 aside… it is a preference not a condition  however computers see only black and white – deposit = $25,000 ie: preferences are difficult to quantify.   Meanwhile every lender has different policies – some are absolute and some can be negotiated based on the strength of the deal.  Lending staff turnover, so often that at times their own people are not too sure about things.

I suggest that you find a mortgage broker who not only has all of the certification requirements, but also has several years experience in dealing with people just like you. On the other hand you don’t want a dinosaur – you want a mortgage broker who knows how to get the best out of the technology available without over-estimating its reliability.

As the general manager and head mortgage broker for the Peach Financial Group I have dealt with over 10,000 customer inquiries …. no kidding and yet even now no two applications are the same.  But if my picture portrays me as being  relaxed maybe that is because I am, you see I have a very nice life in a beautiful part of Australia.  Because one of things my IT skills has been able to exploit is the effective use of the internet  in order to provide excellent personal service without the need to  travel and sit face to face.

Today I deal with clients all over the world and all over Australia – efficiently and effectively – give me a call on 02 9037 4084 or 0412 285 373 and you be the judge.  You can also call me on skype

Authorised Credit Representative: 364500