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Important Tip

Always try to come up with a short name that clearly states what your web site is about for example computerfix.com.au will perform far better than don-burroughs-computer-repairs.com.au – but beware trademarks see below.

Information you should know about domain names.

  • What is a domain name name?
    It is a unique combination  of parts comprising the actual name eg: keychange  then the type of domain eg: com or org etc then the location eg: au, uk, nz  – where there is no location it is inferred that the domain is located in the USA but that is far from certain.Each domain name is unique however it can get confusing when one domain is keychange.com as opposed to keychange.com.au or keychange.net.au as these three names probably represent three different entities.
  • You can register a new unique name or purchase an existing domain name.  Once you have registered a domain name then you are free to sell it again.
  • You never actually own a domain name, you are paying the domain registration authority an annual or bi-annual fee to use the name.  You can pay up to 10 years in advance.
  • The domain name registration does not come with anything else so your hosting and design costs are in addition.
  • Your domain name is not tied to any ISP or hosting service, you can take it whereever you like or indeed host it yourself if you have the equipment.
  • It is best if you are an Australian business to register .com.au as your clients will immediately recognise that you are Australian rather than US based.Unfortunately  com.au domain names cost more than .com however they have come down dramatically only 5 years ago they were $140 for 2 years. Note .au domain names are registered for a minimum 2 years
  • In Australia you do not have to have have a company name that matches the domain name.  However you have to establish at registration time that you have a reasonable association with the name.  Your registration can be contested at any time and must not infringe trademark law.  So registering a domain name Best-Aussie-Home-Loans.com.au will probably result in the threat of legal action by Aussie Home Loans.  You would have to close the domain permanently and no refunds are provided.