Development and Hosting

I have been developing database applications for 30 years and using Filemaker for almost 20 years. I have extensive experience in developing and hosting FileMaker Pro including the use of ODBC, XSL and XML development of FileMaker databases on the web.

free software insurance or warranty claims
Free application for tracking items for insurance of warranty

FileMaker is incredibly flexible and not just in operation. The standard copy of FileMaker will also act as a small scale server and serve your database up to 5 FileMaker users including FileMaker Go which is a free iPad app – again the iPad app has some restrictions however users with a full copy of FileMaker can access the database (5 users) with absolutely full access and on a local server very good performance.

For people wanting to access from a wider area FileMaker hosting used to be quite expensive however FileMaker is extremely scalable and so for a small business Filemaker can be run on a Win Cloud Server VPS for around $90 per month. For larger organisations FileMaker Server Advanced can support up to 100 web users and with Server Advanced unlimited client users.

Apart from the performance I choose to develop in FileMaker because it takes me a fraction of the time that I would need to do so in SQL etc and that means real savings for you.

Why not give me a call on 02 9037 4084 to discuss your requirements – it won’t cost you anything just to have chat.

KeyRelations Broker CRM

FileMaker CRM in iOSA dedicated mortgage broker CRM system developed over 10 years and now available with access to your CRM live from your iPad or iPhone, no need to sync you can access the live database anywhere that you can get wifi or 3G coverage. The Broker CRM system was developed live in a real time environment with Peach Home Loans over a period of 10 years. Developed from the ground up – not improvised from some other solution – it is specifically designed to handle customer records in full compliance with NCCP and ACL requirements.