KeyInSure Catalogue Your Valuables

A brand new iPad or iPhone app for cataloging your valuables for insurance or warranty recording purposes – free for limited period.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if there was a fire, a robbery or a flood that destroyed your belongings? Especially those special things that you have collected over the years. Or when was the last time you went ferreting through your filing system trying to find a receipt for a warranty claim …only to find that the ink on the paper has faded to nothing.

KeyInSure is a simple application that allows you to photograph, record and describe your valuables very quickly simply using your iPhone or Ipad. You don’t even have to type as it support voice recognition ( Siri enabled device required). You can group your valuables into categories, you can take a copy of the receipt and record purchase date, amount and supplier if you want to. KeyInSure automatically detects if you are using an iPhone or an iPad and you can backup your datafiles with iTunes

In order to use this app on iOS you must have FileMaker Go installed – this is a free utility for your iPad.  Go to the Apple store and install Filemaker Go.

iOS devices must use Safari in order to down load outside the AppleStore so please do not try to proceed unless you are viewing this page with Safari  the download is 20 MB with demo data it will take a minute or two.

Insurance or warranty trackerOnce FileMaker Go is installed click the image on the right to download your copy of KeyInSure.  When Safari has completed the download it will ask you if you want to open with FileMaker Go – say yes!

We have taken this app to insurance assessors for feedback and they have been very positive, however we make no claim or warranty that the information that you record will be acceptable for claim purposes.

If you have an application or a mobile app that you require for your business Why not give us a call on 02 9037 4084 to discuss your requirements – it won’t cost you anything just to have chat.