What is a managed domain

Signing up for a domain hosting account and new domain name is relatively simple and inexpensive – but don’t expect it to be painless.   The vast majority of hosting businesses are seller or resellers of shared servers.  This means that there may be 100 or 1,000 or 10,000 other domains all being hosted on a server.   This keeps the cost down however it means that one bad apple can see the entire server and all domains on there ‘black listed’.    It doesn’t even have to be a bad apple on your server ….all it takes is slack security such as a weak password and a web site is hacked and becomes part of Botnet attacking other sites or its starts sending out spam emails.  Your site can be damaged simply by the association of being on the same server.

We operate our own server hosted in a data centre in Melbourne.  We control who is hosted, we also control all aspects of security and this means we are monitoring attacks and threats for each and every site that we host.  For WordPress sites we ensure that all plugins and themes are kept up to date and this way there is no chance that one site owner can expose others to risk.  That is what a managed domain is all about.


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