You can have a million dollar site but without good SEP ( search engine placement)  nobody will find it.

This process requires:

  • Traditional media promotion such as advertising or editorial.  Also make sure that your URL is on all of your stationery.
  • Try to get other sites talking about or linking back – genuine links only – never ever pay.
  • Pay per Click (CPC) campaigns such as Adwords
  • Most important of all the back end (coding) and structure of your web site and domain must be meticulous – this means clean correct markup, server side includes, 301 redirects, javascripts, metatags, permalinks …. Google (and Bing) penalise sloppy coding – does this sound complicated? That’s because doing it right is complex and SEO is a dark and ever changing art.

There is no easy answer to this, so anyone who tells you there is, is either lying or very poorly informed.  You may see emails or adverts offering to list your site on thousands of search engines for next to nothing, well there really aren’t thousands of ‘search engines’.  Most of the so-called speciality search engines actually get their information from one of the very few major engines.  Even the major engines share or swap data with others.  And finally there are the pay per click campaigns such as Adwords – these can be effective and expensive unless you get it right and monitor constantly.

Keeping up with all of this is a specialist field and publishing your site can cost many time what cost to create it in the first place.  Your site may need doorway pages, meta tag tuning or a complete behind the scenes overhaul to ensure maximum search engine optimization.  There are no free lunches when it comes to publishing your site. If you are in a competitive market and you want to be and stay at in the top ten, then it will cost and we are not talking about hundreds of dollars.  But remember one large advert in a major newspaper can cost $5000 or more, so it is all relative.

Adwords and PPC

Pay per Click (PPC) advertising is another good way to make a small fortune …. out of a large fortune!

When some smooth talker tells you it will only cost a few cents per click – get ready to panic because those clicks can run up faster than you can blink. If you are going to use PPC then you need to understand the process and they are quite different. Google Adwords can certainly get you on the first page of a google search but the cost can be very high. Social network pages such as Facebook can deliver highly targeted adverts at competitive prices but keep in mind the click is only the start – you then need to convert the click into a sale or an inquiry and that is just as important as your PPC budget.