Are you still paying a fortune for your everyday phone service – is your old Commander expiring under the weight of its technological obsolescence. Voice over IP network ( Voip ) has been available for around 20 years however in recent years it has come of age with high voice quality, very low cost and outstanding flexibility.

This is not just a Big Business solution we have a small business client with less than 5 staff all working from home we reduced their phone operational costs by over $10,000 a year. You can take advantage of

  • untimed national land line calls for as little as 10 cents a call
  • calls to mobile for 15 cents a minute
  • port your existing numbers – no charge
  • 1300 numbers only $15 per month
  • send or receive faxes for 5.5 cents a minute ( NOT PER PAGE per MINUTE)
  • paperless office with email to fax and fax back to email – all your faxes become pdf documents and easily stored or archived
  • receive your voice messages as sound files by email
  • full PABX options available at little or no cost

We are not VoIP providers as such we do not offer the actual service. But having managed VoIP in businesses for over 10 years one thing we have learned is that while VoIP is good and VoIP is cheap – VoIP is not always easy to implement. The learning curve and frustration factor can be enormous and expensive. Enter …. KeyChange Solutions.

Whether you are a single tradesman or operate a 50 seat call centre – VoIP can save you money and provide your customers with a better experience.

Give us a call to discuss your needs – we don’t charge for chatting 😉