We have been using and managing VPS systems for over 10 years.   A VPS can be used for any number of purposes eg: a high performance web server or a FileMaker Server or Document Storage Server or even a Forex Trading System.   Please don’t confuse a VPS with a VPN – they are entirely different things.

With a VPS you have a virtual piece of hardware and just like any other hardware you decide which operating system you want to use, how much memory and storage.  The difference is that you don’t need a locked  air conditioned room – you don’t any room because the hardware is ‘virtual’.  If you have the expertise then you can manage the VPS yourself or we would be delighted to assist with the full setup and ongoing management – including security.   Our VPS servers are physically located in Melbourne.

Despite the fact that the hardware is not on site you get full control of the server just as if it was in the room next door.  But you get much more flexibility – for example need more disk capacity – no need to call the IT crowd just ask and it is done, usually in minutes.

You get full hardware support and the capacity that comes with a large professional data centre.  We can manage the entire process and the ongoing support and maintenance of your server.   Call now to discuss.