Australian Based Web Servers

wordpress hosting

Our web server is in a Sydney data centre and is optimised for WordPress using SiteSpeed.  .

Security is a major focus and so our server is maintained with all recent updates while all WordPress installations are regularly monitored to ensure that all theme and plugin updates are maintained.

Explain web hosting

Web services is a generic term for anything to do with the internet and it covers a wide range of services.  We have been managing web sites, domains and web and email servers since 1994.  There are 5 primary stages of developing a web site:

  • Registering a suitable domain name – don’t just register what comes into your head as there are many important implications for the name that you choose – talk to us first
  • Web design – this is the look and feel of your web site. It is important that it looks good, but it is equally important that it performs well and that doesn’t just mean speed. Poor or inefficient coding can mean that Google or other search engines will ignore your content.
  • Web site hosting – this is the server that your web site site is located on. When someone types in your domain name they are directed to this server and the web pages are delivered from here. Your server will also normally provide you with email service under your own domain name. There a lot of technical issues in deciding a server which is why we use Windows, Linux and Cloud hosting.
  • Content – when you google “how to make a successful web site” you come across the phrase “Content is King” and that is because search engines like Google place enormous importance on the quality of your unique content. It doesn’t really matter if you are saying much the same as other web sites as long as you make it sound good, look good, work well and it is unique.
  • SEO – Search Engine Optimisation. Probably the most important aspect and often the most expensive part of operating a successful web site.

Other considerations are:

  • content management systems ( CMS ) – such as WordPress allow users to add and edit content on their site without needing to know complex HTML or php coding.
  • email services – this where you have your own email address such as
  • data services – such as customer inquiry, web store and other database applications that your customers need in order to do business with you.
  • Rich Content – the internet is moving rapidly towards audio visual content rather than purely static text/image content. We can assist you in moving towards this with the use of “Movie Whiteboards” eg: Peach Home Loans – Rebate Whiteboard and video editing, voice overs, music tracks and graphics eg: John R Walker – Artist.  Rich content can greatly improve your web site’s SEO as Google and other search engines place greater emphasis on this content for search results.

Professional web hosting from only $50 per month

Domain hosting costs vary depending on your needs a simple web site with less than 10 pages of static information is usually easy to look after.  With your web site you should also expect email hosting so that you can collect and send your email form  Other issues to consider are:

  • space ie: how many web pages, images, audio or video files and other components.  A small host package today would be 50 megabytes
  • secure access (SSL) facilities for such things as forms with personal information or credit card information
  • e-commerce facilities such as shopping carts
  • traffic, your site may be small but very popular, it has to be able to handle the peaks
  • types of design and update access eg: WordPress, Joomla, forums or image or video galleries
  • database services ie: SQL ( required for WordPress and many other applications)
  • streaming audio or video

KeyChange can offer hosting packages from as little as $285 AUD for 12 months on our basic package all of our sites are hosted on Australian web servers managed by us.

We can also establish and manage VPS (Virtual Private Servers) and VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) for your dedicated internet or intranet use.