wordpress hosting WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system (CMS) used in over 60 million web sites world wide.  The WordPress platform is free (open source) and so the development of the platform is not reliant on any one corporation and this ensures a high degree of ongoing development and support.

While it is very simple to install a basic WordPress site and there are thousands of very attractive free themes that you can use – we offer hosting from $120 AUD per annum).  The basic platform is a foundation for further development allowing almost limitless flexibility in both function and  design.

We offer managed WordPress hosting ie: we install the platform and your preferred theme, we create initial users and plug ins to ensure security and SEO performance of your site. Our Managed WordPress sites start from $240pa – we also offer a full suite of development services with PHP, CSS, Javascript and JQuery  at very attractive rates.

We offer servers located in Australia and the USA – call now to discuss your needs.


How much does WordPress cost?

The WordPress platform is Open Source and so it’s free. However the cost of hosting your site may increase due the the demands on the server and security management.

Is WordPress Secure?

WordPress is used on millions of web sites and it is secure as long as the platform, all add-ons and the server is maintained and updated regularly. We update everything twice a week.

Can I edit my own site?

Absolutely and that is one of the best features. However in the interest of security of your site and all others on our servers we insist that we manage security.