If you don’t have time to develop your business – let us help you

Andrew Hunter

If you are a small  business retailer or service provider outside of the big cities then the biggest threat to your survival is the internet and yet so often I hear small business owners say I don’t have time to learn and then run an internet site.  As you can see, from my photo I am no pimply faced IT millennial, in fact twenty years ago I was running workshops around Australia including Nambucca and Bellingen  trying to prepare small business for the need to adapt to change and adopt technology.   The threat that online shopping presents is greater than ever and grows every day….  it’s not too late for you.

But I realise that now more than ever you are time poor just trying to survive. And so I want to offer you some solutions that won’t break your budget and just might help you to turn over stock faster ..turn old stock back into cash and may open new markets.  This isn’t a one solution fits all … I have been self employed for almost 40 years with real life experience in retail, hospitality, IT and finance.   I will assess your business opportunities and offer you a range of managed and self managed options such as a dedicated web site with shopping cart or maybe an ebay store or just making use of free Gumtree listings, my advice will be aimed at driving you towards a successful future.

If you don’t have time or the aptitude we can manage your online presence for you – right down to listing your services or items.

We also  provide:

  • web, database server plus VPS support and management
  • voip telephone services
  • WordPress development, management and hosting
  • financial solutions for individuals and small business

2018 Business Web Site Specials

  • Basic theme based Managed WordPress site ( we install themes, plugins  and users etc) $240 pa
  • Custom designed static web site (10 html pages) with domain name, 1 yr hosting & email@yourdomainname.com.au  $295 pa
  • Custom designed WordPress site (you provide content) with domain name, 1 yr hosting & email $495
  • eCommerce web site (100 products) with domain name, 1 yr hosting & email $795 + merchant cost

New web sites

We have launched a new web site for Aussie expats looking for home loan finance in Australia – Aussie – Aussie – Aussie ….Oi take a look at this.Home loan options for Australian expats

While Birthday Party Ideas a new site listing over 40 great free or low cost party ideas – our Facebook page has just passed 1,700 followers!!!

Birthday Party Ideas